Welcome to the HQ Trivia Discord Bot homepage.

Here, the commands, how to use them, and more are listed here.


Type Command Arguments Descriptions
Basic hq, help None Find basic bot help
Basic hq, commands None Find bot commands
Basic hq, ping None Ping the bot to see if it’s online
Basic hq, invite None Get an invite link for the bot as well as a link to the support server
Basic hq, stats None Find statistics about the bot
Basic hq, lib None Get the bot’s libraries, how does this bot work?
HQ Stats hq, rank all (Optional) Find weekly (default) or all-time (add “all”) leaderboards.
HQ Stats hq, user username Find user stats on a user
HQ Stats hq, next us uk de au Find the time of the next game.
Bot Profile hq, profile None View your profile
Bot Profile hq, set username Your name Set your profile’s HQ Username
Bot Profile hq, set region (us/uk/de/au) Set your profile’s HQ Region

Profile Management

Making a profile can help you be more efficient at checking your statistics and the next game from your region.

Making a profile

You can make a profile by running hq, profile, a profile will be generated.

It will looks like this


Modifying your profile

You can set your HQ Username by typing hq, set username (your username)

As an example: uu

You can also set your HQ region by typing hq, set region followed by the region code.

List of codes

Code Country
us United States
uk Great Britain
de Germany
au Australia

For example: region

Modifying your “hq, user” output

If you’re an auth key donator, you also have an option to set some special stats on your hq, user output. Type hq, set [perk] true to enable or hq, set [perk] false to disable.

Perk Name Code Description
Extra Lives lives Shows your extra lives on your profile
Streaks streak Shows your streak stats on your profile

If both are enabled, it should look something like this: awoo

If you want to be an auth key donor, please join the support server and dm Chew!